Christmas 2016

Way back when, we planned on spending Christmas this year with the fam in Montana. As it got closer and we started actually looking at flights, we realized we could do a rather incredible itinerary from Los Angeles to Kalispell to Vancouver to San Francisco for not that much more than simply flying to Kalispell. And what better way to get into the spirit of the season than a visit to the Happiest Place on Earth?  Continue Reading…

Restoration Barware

We’ve suspected for years that there was usable space below our bar, but it wasn’t until three days ago that our landlord made an off-hand comment that confirmed it. So of course that meant when we got home Friday night after work, instead of making dinner we grabbed some pliers and the hammer…. Continue Reading…

Return to Palm Springs

We had such a great time last year visiting Palm Springs with Jacob and Rachel that we all decided we had to do again this year. (It was either that or camping, which none of us really wanted to do in Southern California for some reason….) Another great 48 hours in a mid-century modern oasis was ours – hanging out, eating Vietnamese food out and cooking gluten-free pescatarian feasts in, searching for antiques, having tiki drinks at Bootlegger (again), and going on this year’s mini-hike to Tahquitz Canyon. ‘Til next year, Palm Springs! Continue Reading…

Phoenix & Scottsdale

in the shadow of the palm tree

life is colorful, striking, bold

shining a spotlight on swaying thoughts

lazy explorations of new places new faces

time for ʻōkole maluna or maybe I should say hell and gore?

gotta speak easy in these old spaces

don’t you know darkness comes fast?

in the shadow Continue Reading…

Traveling the Icelandic Ring Road

Iceland. Where to start? Once upon a time, we went to Iceland in the dead of winter and– oh, you’ve already heard that story? Well this one starts where that one ends, with a desire to get out of Reykjavik and see more of the country, but in a more appropriate and reliable car….

We’re about to begin a great adventure, traveling the Ring Road across the rugged and dramatic landscapes of Iceland. Our camper van will travel east from Reykjavik, up and around the island, before returning south to Reykjavik – a journey of approximately 1500 kilometers.

Continue Reading…

A Beautiful Week in Norrköping

We’ve started a nice tradition of visiting with Malin, Jimmy and co. every year or so, and this time around it was our turn to join them at their house in Norrköping for a week. We somehow had perfect weather all week, which meant that all of our adventures – hiking, boating, just walking around town – were that much more lovely. Continue Reading…

Stockholm In September

Our second time in Stockholm together was pretty low-key, since a few things already felt familiar and we didn’t feel the need to run around from place to place. (Well, Kristan did at one point, but more on that later….) It was lovely to see the city again and with our hotel a little more centrally located this time it was easy to have our first fika within just a couple of hours of landing at the airport.

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